St. Clair Missouri Real Estate

Real Estate : When searching for St. Clair Homes for sale you’ll find most homes in city of St. Clair sell on average 100 to 150 homes per year and an average sale price of 49K TO $140K , However St. Clair offers affordable homes not just in town but out of town as well averaging 130 to 170 homes with an average sale price of $88 to $144k . This does increase $200k and more due to some rural properties offering large amounts of acreage, including minifarms and larger farms. 


RECREATION : St. clair offers 3 ,technically 4 parks to enjoy your days at, Orchard Park( a beautiful 24 acre municipal park ). Evergreen park ( an approximate 16 acre municipal park ). Main Street Park ( located on Main Street in the central business district ) and the Iron Hill Sports Complex ( owned and operated by the St. Clair Baseball Association )

Schools : St. Clair is home to 2 Elementary schools ( Edgar Murray and St. Clair elementary ). St. Clair Junior High school and St. Clair High School.