25 Items I Look for in a Neighborhood to Determine Its Saleability.

25 Items I Look for in a Neighborhood to Determine Its Saleability.

25 ways to determine a neighborhoods saleability


Twenty-five Items I Look for in a Neighborhood

to Determine Its Salability.


  1. Vacant land:                         over 80%         30-80%      under 30%
  1. Growth rate for the area:    rapid                 steady         slow
  1. Property values:                   increasing        stable          slow
  1. Supply & demand:                shortage           stable          slow
  1. How long does it take to sell a home ?
  2.  < 3 mos.           4-6 mos.     > 6 mos.
  1. Present land use:                        ___% single family    ___% 2-4 units

 ___% multi-family     ___% condos

 ___% commercial     ___% industrial

 ___% vacant

  1. What is the probability of the land changing in this area? 
  2.  _____ not likely          _____ likely  _____ very likely (how soon?_______)
  1. Are most occupants in the area….   ____ % homeowners   ____% tenants

 ____ % vacant

  1. Single family price range:   $_______________ to ______________

 predominant value: $ _______________


  1. Single family home age:    ___________ yrs. to____________ yrs.

 predominant age: ______________ yrs.

  1. Family economic

 demographics:                          $20K to $40K a year _______________

 $41K to $80K a year _______________

 $81K & over a year   _______________

Grade the area on the following items:





12. Convenience to employment:

13.  Proximity to freeways

14.  Convenience to shopping

15.  Convenience to schools

16.  Adequacy of public transportation

17.  Recreational facilities

18.  Adequacy of utilities

19.  Property compatibility

20.  Protection for detrimental conditions

21.  Police and fire protection

22.  Proximity to hazardous areas

23.  General appearance of properties

24.  Appeal to market

25.  Proximity to church

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