Best ways to find cheap homes for sale

Best ways to find cheap homes for sale

It’s the goal of every home buyer to want to find the cheapest home for sale while at the same time meeting their needs and wants in order to live there. Below are the best ways, in my opinion, to find the cheapest homes for sale.

1. Work with a Realtor.

Not only does a Realtor have access to listings that may not even be listed online,or even on the market, they have the search tools that can find cheap homes.

2. Craigslist.

Hate to say it this way, but sellers listing their homes online themselves tend to not be very accurate in their pricing. Some may undervalue their home. It’s worth a look through the Real Estate listings and compare them to other properties listed online.

3. Online Real Estate portals.

Searching some online sites like ( shameless self plug ) or just any site such as,, trulia, etc you can search for properties that have been on the market for awhile, maybe greater than 6 months. At some point they become more motivated

4. tax sales.

Tax sales can often offer tremendous opportunities to purchase cheap homes. Although there are some pros and cons to these sales, make sure to become knowledgeable on the process. They are usually held here in Missouri towards the end of August.

5. Drive around.

It’s a beautiful day, so why not drive around town and through subdivisions and check out out any potential properties that may appear to not be lived in. Check for overgrown yards, mail piled up, notices on doors. 

6. Quick trip to Recorders office.

You can publicly search through recently filed documents such as Pre-Foreclosure, divorce and Probate sales. Some leg work is necessary but can can often lead to a decent cheap home

The main takeaway here should be though if you don’t have a lot of experience in Real Estate and are trying to find a cheap home for sale, really your best bet is to friend a Realtor. That’s where I can come in. Even if you just have questions feel free to comment below or email.

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