21 Questions You Must Answer Before You Go House Hunting



21 Questions You Must Answer Before You Go House Hunting



  1. What features in your current home or a friend/family member’s home would you like in your next home? Its a great idea to ask everyone in the home, spouses, kids, dogs,cats ( lol )
  2. What style really grabs you? A-frame , Atrium
  3. Do you prefer single story, two-story, or multi-level living?
  1. Do you want a yard?
  1. Are you looking for a maintenance-free lifestyle? If yes, do you have a preference for single family, townhouse or condominium living?
  1. How many bedrooms?
  1. How many bathrooms?
  1. What would be the most compelling reason for you to purchase a particular property?
  1. Which of the amenities you have mentioned, would be nice to have but not necessary?
  1. What in your current home would you like to change?
  1. What do you think your current home would list and sell for?
  1. What is the most money per month that you think a bank would qualify you to make as a payment?
  1. If the perfect home presented itself, are you in the position to buy it?    Y  /  N

What would have to happen before you would be in the position to buy it?

  1. Who helps you make decisions on real estate purchases?
  1. Who else will play a decision in making your final decision?
  1. After reviewing my list of appreciating characteristics (click here), which are of paramount importance to you?
  1. What is the minimum square footage that you can live with?
  1. What features and benefits should a great real estate agent provide?
  1. How easy or hard is it to get your hands on money for a down payment? What is the absolute maximum you could use as a down payment on the home that meets all your needs?
  1. What is your preferred way of viewing homes? Internet or in person?  With an agent or just drive by?  Appointments or open houses?
  1. When do you want to start looking?

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